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July 28, 2014 - In Memoriam

Klaus Schmidt, Ph.D., Archaeologist, 
German Archaeology Institute
December 11, 1953 – July 20, 2014

Prof. Klaus Schmidt died of a heart attack at age 61 while swimming 
in a pool back in Germany on Sunday, July 20, 2014. Prof. Schmidt is the pioneer 
of first excavations in 12,000-year-old Gobekli Tepe, a hill in southern Turkey
near Sanliurfa and the Syrian border. 30 acres of tall limestone pillars were erected
in repeating circles on the hill and then mysteriously were buried a thousand years
later. Twice the age of Mesopotamia, no tools or signs of habitation have been 
found in the 5% of the ancient site that Prof. Schmidt had been able to uncover
since 1994. See 6-part Earthfiles reports about Gobekli Tepe.

July 28 2014 - Unusual Symbol in Austrian Wheat.

The local Zwettl newspaper in Lower Austria
reported in early July 2014, that a bicyclist at the town’s 
Hofer roundabout “noticed a very distinctive circular formation
in a grain field. The photo shows that this formation could
not have been formed naturally. The meaning of this sign is
still not known.” Estimated diameter is about 66 feet (20 m). Source: 
Bernadette Rauch at


Zwettl, Austria, is 61 miles (98 km) northwest of Vienna near border of Czech Republic.

July 17, 2014 - Yellowstone Melting Road and Seismic Swarms — Reality Check.

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Also on Friday, July 25th: 
In-depth report in Dreamland Online.

“Underground gas pressure can build up and these little swarms
are kind of Nature’s pressure release valve. The pressure gets a little too high,
the earthquakes pop off — sometimes for just a day, which was the case 
in these July 5 - 14, 2014, (off and on) swarms.”

– Jake Lowenstern, Ph.D., USGS, Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

July 17, 2014 - 4-Fingered Being and Craft On “Tripod” Recently Found Painted In 10,000-Year-Old Caves Near Charama, India.

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“These findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times
may have seen, or imagined, beings from other planets…”

- J. R. Bhagat, Archaeologist, Chhattisgarh State 
Dept. of  Archaeology and Culture

10,000-year-old rock painting of a hairless,
large-headed, big black-eyed being that has four fingers 
and four toes, resembling the modern description of 
“Grey extraterrestrials.” Recent discovery in Charama, India, 
region about 81 miles (130 km) from Raipur some 
1,100 miles inland northeast of Mumbai. Images © 2014 
by Amit Bhardwaj, The Times of India.

July 16, 2014 - Huge, Mysterious 262-Feet-Wide Hole Opens Up in Siberia’s “End of the World.”

An emergency science expedition from Russia’s Centre for the Study of the Arctic along with the Cryosphere Institute of the Academy of Sciences leaves today, July 16th, to investigate a huge hole that has suddenly emerged in the Yamal Peninsula of northern Russia. Yamal translates as “end of the world.” The whole peninsula consists of permafrost ground and was underwater ten thousand years ago.

The darkening around the inner rim of the crater surrounding 
the 262-feet-wide hole was perhaps caused by “severe burning” that 
scorched the perimeter. But a meteorite impact has been ruled out by the
Yamal Ministry. Other theories put forth are a UFO intrusion — or since Yamal
is in Russia’s main natural gas production region that supplies Europe, Anna
Kurchatova from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre suggests that the
huge hole was formed by an underground explosion of water, salt and natural gas
“like the popping of a champagne bottle cork.” Image © 2014 by 
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Administration. See The Siberian Times.

The Yamal Peninsula marked with red circle is some 2,200 miles from Moscow, Russia.

July 14, 2014 - More Mysterious, Eerie Metallic Sounds — Invisible Conflict? Or Warning?

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 “The metallic scraping sound was menacing, foreboding, 
a screeching unrelenting assault on the auditory senses. All I can say
is that the sound seemed like some kind of warning

– Earwitness, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

— “We heard this horrible metallic, scraping, synthesizer sound over
the music we were listening to. …Although we could see nothing, we could hear and feel something massive rising from the canyon below until it was directly above our heads.”

- Earwitness, Coachella Valley near Palm Desert, California

Update - July 8, 2014 - Third Half-Cat Found in San Antonio, Texas. All Three Cats Cut Bloodlessly and Precisely.

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“An animal’s not going to make cuts like that. …The homeowner gets up
pretty early, and he found it. It was not there yesterday. It was fresh this morning.”

– Lt. Fernando Parra, Universal City Police Dept.

Universal City police found another bloodless half-cat this morning, July 8, in its owner’s front yard at the Coronado Village subdivision — the third half-cat in two days in that neighborhood. Two other half-cats were found Monday, July 7.
Police have an information help line to call: 210-658-5353.

Yesterday morning, July 7, 2014, two residents from the Universal City suburb near Randolph AFB in San Antonio, Texas, found their respective house cats cut in half dead on nearby grass. One was an 11-year-old black and white family cat bloodlessly cut in half on grass near the owner’s house. The resident told KENS 5 News, “Our cat was positioned on his back sprawled out and there was no remnants of the head or torso, only the pelvic area up to the hind legs.” Back on October 17, 2005, the bloodless front half of a grey cat was also found in San Antonio, shown in half-cat history.

Universal City, Texas, is about 15 miles northeast 
of San Antonio next to Randolph AFB that has been a
flying training facility for U. S. military since 1931. Randolph
merged with Lackland AFB on October 1, 2010.

July 5, 2014 - Update from Stanton Friedman.

“Stan was released from the hospital yesterday, July 4th, and is in good spirits. He’s happy to be at home where he can resume his ufological activities.”

- Kathleen Marden, co-author with Stanton Friedman, 
Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience and Science Was Wrong

Stanton Friedman, physicist, Roswell UFOs investigator
and author, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, suffered a mild 
heart attack on Friday evening, June 27th. After additional tests and treatment,
he is recuperating at home. He thanks everyone for their concern. 
Stan can be reached at P. O. Box 958, Houlton, Maine 04730.

July 5, 2014 - Part 2: Peruvian Goes with Apu to Source of Souls. Also Met Boeing Engineer Who Knew About UFO Bi/Mg Metal.

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– “The Apu told me these were soul energies in their natural state or place.”

– “I described the material as a sandwiched type of materials …
when I added the bismuth, Boeing engineer turned very serious. I then said 
the lab applied a voltage to it, and before I could say anything else, 
he said ‘and it just floated into the air.’”

– Professional Engineer, now resident of Cusco, Peru region

Alleged extraterrestrial metal taken from the bottom of a “wedge-shaped craft in 1947” was created
from alternating layers of 1-4 microns dark bismuth and 100-200 microns silver magnesium/zinc alloy, 
approximately twenty-five to thirty layers thick. Each of six pieces received were “formed”
with a curvature that tapered, as shown to the right in photo magnification above. 
See 2-Part Earthfiles about mysterious Bi/Mg layered metal.